Genetics: A Laboratory Manual, 2nd edition

Genetics: A Laboratory Manual, 2nd edition


G. Koliantz and D.B. Szymanski

ISBN: 978-0-89118-561-1
Published: 8/10/2009
Pages: 112

Students will learn the experimental aspects of genetics through 15 three-hour laboratory exercises with bacterial, plant, and animal organisms. Each exercise consists of background information, a material list, a step-by-step procedure, and study questions. Learning objectives include an understanding of chromosomes, the physical properties of DNA, DNA digestion and construction of restriction maps, methods of DNA extraction, gene amplification, advanced techniques of gene cloning, Southern blotting, regulation of gene expression, transmission genetics, analysis of crossing over, complementation test, the use of molecular markers in gene mapping, and population genetics. Appendices address class reports, writing scientific articles, and a list of suppliers. In this edition, all chapters have been updated; new exercises have been included in the chapters dealing with DNA extraction and gene expression. The topic of transmission genetics has been enriched with an exercise in sex-linked inheritance, and the concept of natural selection has been developed in the population genetics exercises. New protocols have been added to selected chapters to give advice in maintaining stocks for future use. 2009. Moisture-resistant soft cover with spiral binding. ASA and CSSA. Item: B21723. View the Table of Contents (PDF).

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