Methods of Soil Enzymology

Methods of Soil Enzymology


Richard Dick, editor

ISBN: 978-0-89118-854-4
Pages: 395

Methods in Soil Enzymology provides the first comprehensive set of vetted methods for studying enzymes in soils. Main topics include activity assays, enzyme extraction, and synthetic enzyme complexes. Each method covered includes background informaton, step-by-step descriptions of the procedure, and special comments regarding nuances, pitfalls, and interpretation of the method. Learn the latest research methods, including enzyme extraction methods and procedures for creating synthetic enzyme complexes, as well as the newest ways to use small-scale and high-throughput methods for enzyme activity assays. In the tradition of SSSA methods books, Methods of Soil Enzymology features a comprehensive approach with a focus on ease of use. SSSA Book Ser. 9. Hardcover. 2011. SSSA. Item: B60938. View the Table of Contents (PDF).

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