Know Soil, Know Life

Know Soil, Know Life


David L. Lindbo, Deb A. Kozlowski, and Clay Robinson, editors

ISBN: 978-0-89118-954-1
Pages: 206

Did you ever consider that with no soil there would be no life? Know Soil, Know Life will introduce you to an amazing world—the world beneath your feet. Soil is the foundation our natural living world depends on, the substance of life, the critical zone of the earth. Soil is not dirt. SOIL IS LIFE! High school or undergraduate students will find Know Soil, Know Life is an easily accessible resource. But this book is for all ages. Everyone interested in being more environmentally conscious—the urban dweller, the young naturalist, the home gardener—can learn about the diversity of soils and their importance in our environment. Softcover. 2012. SSSA. Item: B60991. View Table of Contents (PDF). Member price $32 Non-Member Price $40

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